About Us

Technology positioning for tomorrow. Today.

Cimbas is a full-service IT and telecom agency serving South Carolina, providing best-of-breed IT, telecom and cable/wiring solutions to SMBs in the Midlands and surrounding areas. We deliver these solutions utilizing a very relational consultative approach, which is based on our belief that our customers know their businesses and we understand technology - so together we can develop far-reaching, competitive solutions that assist our customers in better serving their customers.

We believe that no two businesses are alike, and that off-the-shelf IT and communications technology will never be a perfect fit. So at Cimbas, we take a different approach. We get to know you — your immediate needs, your wishes, and your long-term goals. Then we plan, deploy and manage your technology to be efficient and effective today, and to evolve and grow smoothly as your company moves into the future.

We see to every detail, so you're free to focus on the business of your business.

At Cimbas, we strive for long lasting relationships with our customers based on honesty and integrity. We act as your representative in resolving technology challenges. No finger pointing…just resolution!

Discover how we can take your business to the next level.