IT Consulting

Get I.T. working for you, run by Cimbas

If your current I.T. support situation is costing you time and money, and isn't meeting your businesses needs, Cimbas I.T. consulting services can help.

Cimbas offers cost-effective Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) and IT Outsourcing services that can help you turn your IT investment into a brighter future.

With a tailor-made IT Consulting plan from the experts at Cimbas, you get:

  • A sound investment for the future of your business, with expert Technology Planning for your unique business needs.
  • Comprehensive answers to all of your IT needs, including IT Implementation in your office.
  • Everything you need to transition your IT, with IT Regulation for better security and productivity.

Invest in a better bottom line, with technology that pays for itself faster.

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As your Virtual CIO, Cimbas acts as an extension of your business, saving you time and money in the long run. As the leader in service in South Carolina, we provide Expert IT Consulting Services that can show you how your technology can be more cost-effective than you ever thought possible.

Whether your company is in need of IT outsourcing, IT consulting services, outsourced IT, technical consulting services, small business server consulting, network consulting, computer security consultants, Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) service, or computer consultancy for small businesses, we’ve got it all.

We are experts in both business and technology, providing only the most cost-effective solutions. Find out how the advice of an expert IT Consultant can change your business forever.